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XRSPACE Privacy Policy

XRSPACE (hereinafter referred to as the company) values ​​your privacy, and the company also promises to do its utmost reasonable efforts to protect your personal privacy in accordance with the law. This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as this policy) will explain how the company will collect, process and use your personal data and related specific purposes when you use our services. If you want to know the contract between you and XRSPACE, please refer to XRSPACE "Terms of Use".

  1. What is personal data?

    The so-called personal data refers to information related to the individual, including information that can directly identify the individual and information that can indirectly identify the individual when combined with other information. The former includes name, ID number, etc., the latter includes gender, age, etc.

  2. The purpose and type of data collected by the company

    • (1)

      When you register a platform account
      Each user will register an account before using the XRSPACE service. When you register an account in the company's APP, the company will ask you to provide your email address and ask you to set the account password.

    • (2)

      When you create a platform role
      After each user registers an account, he will create his own role before entering the virtual platform. The company will collect your photos to create your virtual portrait, or you can use the default portrait to adjust; in addition, the company will collect Your account name, nickname, and gender.

    • (3)

      When you choose the payment method
      Some of the company's services may have payment items. When you choose a payment method, the company will collect corresponding personal data according to the payment method you choose, such as: Paypal account number or credit card number; when you request a refund, the company It will also collect your account information, order content and order time.

    • (4)

      When you log in to the company's virtual platform
      To enable you to successfully log in to the virtual platform operated by our company, our company will collect your Wifi network and the PIN code you set on our company's brand device; our company will also collect your relative position, voice, facial expression , Gestures and other information to let your avatars act and talk on the platform in real time.

    • (5)

      When you interact with other users on our company's platform
      You can interact with other users on the company's virtual platform, organize or participate in events held by other users, or use the virtual phone of the platform to call friends, the company will collect your friends list, event participation history, As well as information such as call logs, you can also blacklist other users to block blacklisted users from interacting with you.

    • (6)

      When you take a screenshot or live broadcast on our virtual platform
      You can take a screenshot of the world on the virtual platform or broadcast it to a third person for viewing in a live broadcast. When you take a screenshot or live broadcast, the virtual portraits and actions of you or others may be retained in the screenshot or live broadcast.

    • (7)

      When you use the company's built-in browser
      When you use the company's built-in browser, the browser will record your cookies, browsing history and other usage information, and you can delete the aforementioned usage information in the browser.

    • (8)

      When you watch the audiovisual media on the virtual platform
      The company will collect your location and age to ensure that you meet the age rating and intellectual property rights policy of viewing the audio-visual media.

    • (9)

      When you make a customer service request or report to the company
      When you think you have questions, system errors or mistreatment during the use of the company ’s services, you can submit a customer service request or report to the company, and the company will collect your account number and email address (if registered with the company) Different) and your needs / organization content, for example, when you make a return request, the company will collect your name, contact information and address to arrange the return. Therefore, your needs / reports may include your personal data and the personal data of others. Please pay attention to avoid submitting unnecessary personal data to our company.

    • (10)

      When you link the registered platform account to a third-party service account
      You can link the registered platform account to other third-party service accounts (such as Facebook or Google), and our company may obtain your personal data from third parties within the scope of your consent.

    • (11)

      When the company pushes advertisements to you
      The company will place a virtual advertising board on the virtual platform and collect statistical data such as the number of views; in addition, the company may also send advertisements to your e-mail address, if you do not want related advertising messages, you can cancel the subscription Advertisement.

    • (12)

      When the company updates the program
      The company will release program updates from time to time to ensure the safety and fluency of your products. The company will periodically obtain device information from your device to confirm whether your device needs to be updated.

    • (13)

      When you manage to register an account on the platform on the device
      The company allows multiple accounts to exist on a device, and the master account user has the right to manage the platform registration accounts that exist on the device, including viewing the usage records of other platform registration accounts or removing other platform registration accounts.

  3. The period during which the company uses personal data

    The company collects some personal data only for real-time streaming to provide services. For example, your behavior on a virtual platform or virtual call, the company will not save this part of personal data. Other personal data collected by our company will be saved to your registered platform account when it is closed or deleted, except for the following circumstances:

    • (1)

      The law provides for a longer retention period; or

    • (2)

      When the government or the judiciary refers to materials according to law or initiates or defends a lawsuit.

  4. The period during which the company uses personal data

    Your personal data will be used mainly in the territory of the Republic of China, and if necessary will be used in the location of the outsourced agency entrusted to handle the affairs of the company. Within the scope of a specific purpose, our company will use written, electronic files, electromagnetic records, newsletters, telephones, faxes, electronic or manual search and other legal automated or non-automated methods for processing, utilization and international transmission.

  5. Who uses personal data

    Objects that may process or use your personal data, including: our company, our outsourced customer service centers, freight forwarders, cloud service providers, voice transmission service providers, automatic program update service providers, payment providers, banks, third parties Account service providers, real-time data cascading service providers, other vendors, government agencies entrusted by the company to provide services, and others who you agree to share personal data with or cooperate with the company to promote.

  6. Your rights

    In accordance with the provisions of Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Law of Taiwan, you can exercise the following rights in accordance with law regarding your personal data collected by our company:

    • (1)

      Inquire or request reading;

    • (2)

      Request to make a copy;

    • (3)

      Request for addition or correction;

    • (4)

      Request to stop collecting, processing or using; and

    • (5)

      Request to delete.

  7. If you are unwilling to provide personal information, the impact on you

    If you do not provide the personal information necessary to register a platform account and create a platform role, you will not be able to use all services of the company's virtual platform; if you do not want to provide other personal information, you may not be able to use certain services on the company's virtual platform or Affecting your experience, please refer to the second paragraph of this policy "the purpose and type of data collection by the company" for the detailed description.

  8. Update of this policy

    The company will update this policy from time to time according to the actual situation. The company encourages you to periodically review this policy to ensure that you are aware of the content of this policy update. If necessary, the company will also notify you of this policy update by email.

  9. contact information

    If you have any questions about this policy, please contact