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XRSPACE Ethics Guidelines

XRSPACE wishes to offer our users (“Users”) a safe, friendly and reliable virtual reality platform (“XRSPACE MANOVA”) to bring people together. We hope everyone in XRSPACE MANOVA can enjoy a safe and comfortable environment to interact with other Users you meet here. Therefore, there are some rules Users will need to be aware of before entering XRSPACE MANOVA. This XRSPACE ethics guidelines (“XRSPACE Ethics Guidelines”) is here to help you achieve better user experience and help you understand what kind of content and conduct is unwelcomed and may lead to negative consequences in XRSPACE MANOVA.

Please note that if we find or receive a report that you have violated our XRSPACE Ethics Guidelines, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend or permanently terminate your account on a case by case basis. Please note that extreme cases or illegal content or behavior will result in immediate account termination.

The following conduct are forbidden:

Offensive or Harmful Content and Behavior

  • Live streaming, advertising or publicly sharing or promoting sexually explicit content or conducting yourself in a sexually obscene or abusive manner.
  • Discrimination towards or attacking of other Users based on their race, spiritual beliefs, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, nation of origin, disability, disease and/or any other personally identifying factors.
  • Harassing, bullying, annoying, intimidating, stalking, threatening or putting other Users in fear of their safety or encouraging other Users to do so.
  • Creating or being involved in a group that is based on or advocates discrimination, harassment or self-harm.
  • Encouraging, celebrating, coordinating or promoting violence in XRSPACE MANOVA or the real world.
  • Supporting, financing, praising or representing real-world terrorists, organized crime or hate groups, including but not limited to ISIS, Nazis and white supremacists.
  • Expressing or promoting hate speech through any means.
  • Encouraging, educating or glorifying suicide, self-harm or eating disorders.
  • Reporting other Users maliciously.
  • Impersonating an XRSPACE’s staff, representative or other real person or group.

Illegal Content and Behavior

  • Sharing or threatening to share other Users’ personal information, including but not limited to name, phone number, address, credit card number or intimate images of others.
  • Encouraging or promoting any illegal activity, including but not limited to the sale of illegal or prescription drugs or firearms.
  • Utilizing, promoting or sharing content that violates or may violate someone else's intellectual property rights.


If you are aware of anyone violating the XRSPACE Ethics Guidelines, please provide relevant evidence and send us an e-mail at


If you have questions about the suspension or termination of your account, please send an e-mail to Appeals will be reviewed by our employees once received, but a response will only be given to successful appeals.

XRSPACE may amend this XRSPACE Ethics Guidelines from time to time and the latest version of XRSPACE Ethics Guidelines can be found at