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Health & Safety Warnings


HEALTH & SAFETY WARNINGS: Please read this guide thoroughly for important safety and health information before using your VR system. Failure to do so may result in personal injury, discomfort, or property damage.

If you reside in Taiwan, these terms of use below are not applicable to you. Please refer to the Chinese version for more details.

imageBefore Using Your VR System

  • Read carefully and follow all instructions in the user guide.
  • To reduce risk of discomfort when using the headset, make sure to always check the recommended hardware and software requirements before using the device. In addition, use of an unauthorized device, accessory, software and/or content may result in personal injury, performance degradation, or damage to your system and its related services, which may void your device warranty.
  • For optimized comfort and fit, please adjust the side and top straps, position the headset properly, make sure it is balanced and centered. When properly adjusted, the headset should comfortably fit and you should see a single, clear image.
  • Should you have a history of discomfort or physical symptoms regarding virtual reality sickness, it is especially important to select the appropriate content. Avoid fear-inducing, violent, or anxiety provoking content that may trigger your discomfort.
  • To enjoy the virtual reality experience to the fullest, it is recommended that you possess an unimpaired sense of motion and balance. Device usage is not advised if you are experiencing any of the following which may increase susceptibility to adverse effects.
    • Fatigued;
    • Sleep-deprived;
    • Under influence of alcohol or drugs;
    • Hungover;
    • Having digestive problems;
    • Under emotional stress or anxiety; or
    • When suffering from cold, flu, headaches, migraines, or ear pain

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

  • For pregnant women, elderly, users with pre-existing binocular vision abnormalities or psychiatric disorders, or suffering from heart conditions or other serious medical conditions, it is highly recommended to consult with your doctor before using the device.
  • If with an epileptic condition or a seizure history, please consult your doctor before using the device. Stop using the device immediately if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:
    • Severe dizziness;
    • Eye or muscle twitches;
    • Loss of awareness; or
    • Seizures
  • For users with implanted medical devices, such as pacemakers, hearing aids and defibrillators, make sure to consult with your doctor or medical device manufacturer before using the headset and/or its controller. Implanted medical devices may be affected by the electromagnetic field generated by a nearby device.

Age Requirement/Children

This device should not be used by children under age of 13, as young children are in a critical period of visual development. As the device head size is not designed for children, this may lead to discomfort or adverse health effects. For children aged 13 and older, besides limiting device usage, adults should also monitor them closely for any symptoms described in these health and safety warnings (including those described under the Discomfort and Repetitive Stress Injury sections). Stop them from using the device immediately should they feel motion sickness or discomfort in the eyes.

Play Space Environment

imageRisks associated with freedom of movement

With built-in VR technology, your headset tracks your head movements and hand gestures which can transform your physical surroundings into a virtual world. With its wireless design, the device offers users freedom to move without fear of being tangled from all the wires.

Please ensure that the play environment is as safe as possible to prevent injury.

imageUse Only in a Safe Environment:

the headset generates an immersive virtual reality experience that may distract you from your actual surroundings. It is important to select a suitable space for the play area before you start using the device.

Setting Up Your Safe Play Area

  • Observe your surroundings and choose a suitable play area before starting to use the device.
  • The play area needs to be at least 3 meters in length and width.
  • You are responsible for ensuring your play area is well-maintained and safe at all times.
  • The device is specifically designed for indoor use.
  • Clear any obstacles before using the device. Ensure that the play area is spacious enough to prevent collision with other people, objects, furniture, ceiling fans, or other items. Please also make sure to avoid areas which may cause you to lose balance during playing such as stairs, open doorways, or windows. Failure to do so may cause property damage or serious injury.
  • While using the headset, you may be unaware of other people (particularly children) or pets entering your play area. You may set a warning sign or barrier to prevent them from entering the area.
  • While with headset on, avoid facing blank walls, transparent glass, and strong lights closely, which may cause issues with the tracking system.
  • Disclaimer: Please use the headset with cautions. XRSPACE will not be liable for injuries or any loss of life/health/property to yourself or others while using the headset.

Interaction of the Real World and the Virtual Environment

  • When using the device for the first time, it is recommended to use it for only a few minutes first to allow your body to adapt to virtual reality. Then gradually increase the usage time.
  • Always take a regular break, at least a 10 to 15 minute-break every 30 minutes, even if you don’t feel that you need it. If you feel any discomfort, take more frequent and longer breaks if necessary. Decide what break schedule works best for you.
  • While exploring the virtual world, avoid fast or abrupt motions, which may cause collisions or loss of balance.
  • If you experience loss of balance when using the headset, remove your headset and take a break until normal sense of balance returns.
  • During playing, do not sit on the objects that appear in the virtual environment or use them for support. Those objects do not exist in the real world.
  • Some VR applications and games may require you to stand or move around your play area. Otherwise, please remain seated on a flat and stable platform to ensure your safety.
  • To prevent facial injury during sessions, take extra care not to fall or hit your face if using the headset with glasses on.
  • Using the headset will require more space as you may extend your arms fully out to the sides and/or over your head. For safety, please ensure that the play area and the area overhead are free from hazards such as furniture, boxes, ceiling fan, or other similar items.
  • The play area should have a level and even surface. Make sure to first remove any tripping hazards, such as loose carpets and rugs, from the play area before you start using the device.
  • While inside the virtual world, if you feel someone or something entering the play area, pause the experience and remove the headset to check your surroundings. Ensure that the play area is safe before resuming.
  • To avoid injury, do not handle sharp or dangerous objects while using the device.
  • Be careful not to strike yourself with the controller when moving and/or extending your arms during the game.

Prohibited Uses

  • The device is intended for indoor use. The device may not function correctly and you may be exposed to uncontrolled hazards if used outdoors.
  • To prevent unexpected accidents, do not use the device while jogging, riding your bike, or driving your car.
  • Do not use the device in a moving vehicle as this may cause motion sickness and/or other unpleasant symptoms.

Guardian System 1.0

  • The Guardian system is a virtual boundary system designed to protect you while using the headset in a limited play area. In VR, you may need to move around. The system will alert you when you are getting closer to the boundaries to avoid collisions with objects or other obstacles in your surroundings, preventing tripping hazards and/or personal injuries.
  • Please clear a safe range of motion as the play area. The length and width of the play area should be at least greater than 3 meters, and there should be no obstacles in the play area. For your safety, when you are too close to the boundary of the play area, the system will trigger a grid of virtual walls to warn you. When you cross the border, the system will automatically switch to the pass-through mode. Please return to the originally set security range to ensure your safety. If you need to recalibrate a new safe range of motion, you can press the "function button" on the head-mounted display once.
  • The Guardian system will only alert you when close to the boundaries of your play area. If your movement carries you beyond the defined area, the system will not be able to alert you of the possible danger. Ensure that there are no hazardous areas (such as stairwells, windows, etc.) and clear the obstacles before using the device. Please also note that the system may not work properly in areas with mirrors or glass.
  • Please make sure that the above of the play area is clear from potential hazards such as light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  • The Guardian system cannot identify the items in your play area. Before using the device, please make sure to clear obstacles such as furniture, lamps, and also take steps to prevent other people or pets from entering the play area.
  • Be cautious about boundary alerts and always follow the tips or guidelines shown on the screen.
  • Always inspect the headset for any damage before each use. If the Guardian system is not working properly, please contact XRSPACE Support.

The Pass-Through Camera

  • The pass-through camera uses the front-facing optical sensors embedded on your headset to display real world surroundings within the headset. Compatible with the Guardian system, the pass-through camera will switch from virtual to real world view automatically when you venture beyond the Guardian system boundaries.
  • When viewing through the pass-through camera, you may notice visual latency due to different field-of-view between the camera and your eyes (without using the device). Prolonged viewing of the physical world through the pass-through camera may cause depth perception and motion sickness problems.
  • The pass-through camera exists only for safety purpose, please do not use this feature for other non-intended purposes.
  • Make sure to follow the precautions below when using the pass-through camera.
    • For your safety, when using the pass-through feature, always move slowly and cautiously.
    • Avoid using the pass-through camera to navigate the real world, except for short distance, such as moving to your original play area. Always use the pass-through camera in environments that are safe and familiar to you.
    • Avoid taking sloped surfaces and stairs while using your headset’s pass-through camera.
    • Always remove your headset for any real world situation that requires use of coordination or your full attention.
    • Take off your headset immediately and return to your play area if the pass-through camera view fades out.
    • Avoid prolonged use of the pass-through feature, the view of the physical world may be deranged otherwise.
    • Avoid blocking the camera to prevent loss of tracking.

Hearing Damage

  • imageWhen using the headset, make sure the volume level is not set too high, hearing damage may occur otherwise.


Immediately stop using the headset when you encounter any of the following system alerts:

  • Thermal Alert. A visual and audio alert indicating the headset is overheating. For your safety, immediately remove the headset and let it cool down before using it again.
  • Sound Volume Alert. A visual alert indicating the volume level is set too high. To avoid hearing damage, lower the volume level.
  • Outside the Play Area Alert. A visual alert indicating your location is outside the play area boundaries. Remove the headset or return to the allowed play area for continuation.
  • Tracking System Alert. A visual alert indicating the headset’s tracking system has encountered an error. If the headset is experiencing tracking issues, then the Guardian system may not be functioning as expected or may be disabled. Remove the headset and move to a safe area.


  • Stop using the headset immediately if you encounter any of the following symptoms:
    • Eye strain;
    • Eye or muscle twitching;
    • Blurred, altered, double vision, or other visual abnormalities;
    • Seizures;
    • Drowsiness;
    • Unexpected movements;
    • Lightheadedness;
    • Dizziness;
    • Symptoms similar to motion sickness;
    • Disorientation;
    • Problems with balance;
    • Problems with hand-eye coordination;
    • Increased salivation;
    • Excessive sweating;
    • Sense of nausea;
    • Discomfort or pain in the head or eyes;
    • Unexpected fatigue.
  • Similar to symptoms that people may experience after disembarking an aircraft, symptoms of virtual reality exposure can persist and become more evident hours after use. These aftermath symptoms can include all the listed symptoms above, and more.
    • The virtual reality experience distracts you from the real world and may expose you to certain dangers. While using the headset, avoid driving, operating machinery, or involve in other visually or physically demanding activities that have potentially serious consequences, for example, activities in which experiencing any symptoms that could cause personal injury, death, or damage to property. Please also avoid activities that demand unimpaired hand-eye coordination and balance, for example, riding a skateboard until you have fully recovered from any virtual world effects.
    • Please seek medical assistance if any of the unwanted symptoms listed above persist or worsen.

imageHeadset Battery and Charging

Your headset includes a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and is shipped with a power adapter (for charging the battery) and charging cable. Improper use of the battery or power adapter may result in explosion, fire, battery leakage, or other hazards. Make sure to strictly follow the instructions provided in this guide to reduce risk of injury and damage to the product.

  • The battery in the headset is not replaceable or serviceable by normal means. Do not attempt to remove, repair, or replace the battery by yourself. For any support requests, please contact XRSPACE directly.
  • Charge the headset only with the supplied or authorized power adapter and cable. Use of any other power adapter and cable may result in damage to the headset and is not covered by the warranty.
  • Remember to always inspect the connection cables, plugs, and the power adapter for any visible signs of damage prior to each use. Immediately discontinue using the power adapter if the prong(s), enclosure, connector port, connector cable or any other parts are damaged, cracked, or exposed.
  • Avoid using any other external batteries or power sources that are not supplied or authorized by XRSPACE.
  • Stop using the headset immediately if you notice any of the following symptoms: the headset does not turn on after several attempts of charging, gets abnormally hot while using or while charging, the battery compartment is visibly deformed, leaking and/or smoke is coming out from the device.
  • Refrain from any of the following activities regarding the headset: disassembling, demolishing, bending, deforming, puncturing, shredding or exposing to high external pressure. This can lead to an internal short circuit and overheating.
  • Do not drop the headset or subject it to severe impact. Dropping the headset on a sturdy surface can potentially damage the headset itself and the internal battery. Inspect your headset for visual damage prior to each use. If you notice any damage to the headset or battery, do not use the headset and contact XRSPACE Support immediately.
  • Avoid exposing the headset to moisture, rain, or other liquids. Even though the headset may dry and appear to operate normally, the battery contacts or circuitry could slowly corrode and pose a safety hazard. If the headset gets wet, do not continue using the device and contact XRSPACE support immediately.
  • Do not expose the headset to direct sunlight or heat. Doing so can cause damage to the headset or to the internal battery and could cause the battery to explode or catch fire. Ensure the power adapter is in a well-ventilated area when charging the internal battery of the headset. Users with special medical or physical conditions that are unable to detect heat against the skin should take special care when using the device or charging with the power adapter.
  • Dispose of your headset and batteries properly. Do not dispose of the headset or battery in a fire or incinerator, as the battery may explode when overheated. Dispose separately from household waste. Refer to for proper maintenance, replacement, and disposal of your headset.
  • Do not use device when charging.

imageHeadset Thermal Control

  • imageIt is considered normal for your headset to generate heat while in use, or charging. However, prolonged heat exposure can lead to skin discomfort or redness, or low temperature burns. If your headset feels hot to the touch or is uncomfortably warm, stop using or charging it, and allow the headset to cool down before next use.
  • Do not cover the vents as it may cause the headset to overheat.
  • Fan-noises during use is considered normal.

imageRepetitive Stress Injury

Using the headset may cause your muscles, joints, neck, hand(s), or skin to hurt. If you feel discomfort in any parts of your body while using the headset, or its accessories, take a break for several hours before using the headset again. If any discomfort persists, please seek medical assistance.


  • Your headset is designed to be used with only authorized accessories. Any usage of unauthorized accessories may result in serious injury, cause performance issues, damage the device and/or the system and related services, and may void the warranty.
  • When installing and using authorized accessories, make sure to follow the exact instructions provided in the user guide.
  • Use only the supplied or authorized batteries and power adapters. Use lanyards to wear the accessories.
  • CHOKING HAZARD. Inbox accessories are not designed for children under three years of age. They may contain batteries and present a choking hazard.

imageController Batteries

  • CHOKING HAZARD. The battery is not a toy!
  • Always keep new and used batteries away from children. If the battery compartment on the controller does not close securely, stop using the hand-controller immediately and keep it away from children.
  • Dispose of the batteries according to the government regulations.
  • The controller includes user-replaceable batteries.
  • Batteries may catch fire, cause burns, explode, or leak if heated, disassembled, exposed to fire, high temperature or water, punctured with sharp objects, cut, crushed, short-circuited, incinerated, or recharged (disposable cells).
  • Always remove exhausted batteries from the controller to avoid damage by possible battery leakage.

imageElectrical Shock

To minimize risk of electric shock:

  • Do not modify or disassemble any of the items provided.
  • Do not use the supplied or authorized power adapter if the cable or plug is damaged or if the battery compartment is damaged.
  • Keep the power plug prong clear of any foreign objects such as pieces of metal.
  • Do not expose this headset or any of its accessories to water or moisture of any kind. Also, do not place drinks or other containers with moisture on or near the headset or its accessories.
  • Use ONLY the supplied power adapter to charge the internal battery of the headset or other authorized power adapter.

imageVR System Care

  • If there is any damage to the VR system, stop using the headset and its accessories and contact XRSPACE authorized service centers. Your headset does not include any serviceable parts and should not be opened.
  • To avoid damage to your headset or controller, do not expose them to dust or corrosive materials, high humidity, extreme temperatures, or direct sunlight.
  • To avoid damage, keep your headset and its accessories away from children and pets.

imageAllergic Reactions

The headset and controller are worn in contact with your skin. Stop using the headset and/or controller immediately if you notice any swelling, skin irritation or other unexpected skin conditions. If the symptoms persist, please seek medical assistance.

imageNo Direct Sunlight on Lenses

In order to prevent damages of the optical surface of the headset, do not expose the lenses to direct sunlight.

imageNot a Medical Device

The headset and its accessories are not medical devices and make no medical claims. They are not intended to diagnose various health conditions.

imageKeep Away from Pets

To avoid damage, keep your headset and all its accessories away from pets.