September 20, 2022

XRSPACE Partners With Meta and TAICCA Enabling World’s First Thousand-Year Matsu Religion Into the Metaverse

XRSPACE Partners With Meta and TAICCA 

Enabling World’s First Thousand-Year Matsu Religion Into the Metaverse

Renowned Beigang Chaotian Temple opens its ritual services to global audience

 Xrspace 未來市股份有限公司旗下 Goxr 元宇宙平台,獨家打造以臺灣本土文化為起點的元宇宙世界,首站以北港朝天宮為ip的新台潮宮廟元宇宙率先登場。


[Sept 20, 2022, TAIPEI] XRSPACE announces its partnership with Meta and Taiwan’s TAICCA in recreating the famous Matsu religion hub - Beigang Chaotian Temple in the metaverse, establishing the world’s first Matsu metaverse. Followers around the world will be able to engage in certified Matsu rituals such as Guangming Lights, Moon Block Divination, Fortune-Changing Bells, and Fortune Poem Readings wherever they are. In addition to rituals, the excitement Matsu metaverse also brings is the plan to host many cultural expos and entertainment events.  The full experience will launch on October 4th, starting with artists and creators to participate in the “People’s Matsu Art Contest,” with more local talents and performers lined up for a massive collaboration within the metaverse. 


Beigang’s Matsu Establishes the World’s First Official Temple Inside the Metaverse


In creating a platform for Taiwanese culture to flourish in the virtual world, XRSPACE’s GOXR metaverse hosts the Beigang Chaotian Temple as the first among numerous cultural IPs to come. Exquisitely combining religious stories within visual, interactive, and virtual tour aspects, Beigang Chaotian Temple’s metaverse emerges as the epitome of Taiwanese culture reimagined for the digital age. With other renowned divines - Thousand-Mile-Sight and Ears-of-Wind as tour guides within the experience, global followers will be treated to an unparalleled tour of rituals with the thousand-year Matsu religion.




Accessible through smartphones, tablets and the Meta Quest VR headsets, the Beigang Chaotian Temple metaverse will always be available to the global audience. Visitors will be able to participate in rituals including Guangming Lights which, when paid for and conducted inside the metaverse, will also be lit in-parallel in the physical Beigang temple grounds. By partnering with MaideaX, XRSPACE will continue to provide unique metaverse services in collaboration with iconic cultural IPs.


Founded in 2017, XRSPACE aims to provide a next generation metaverse platform for Taiwanese talents, from technology developers, cultural IPs, to content creators, enabling them in more active roles. The company continues to work closely with strategic tech partners and cultural IPs in establishing the Taiwan Cultural Metaverse, solidifying Taiwan’s status as a global hub for metaverse. As Beigang Chaotian Temple has successfully transformed to its digital brand through the Taiwan Cultural Metaverse platform, XRSPACE seeks to work with more Taiwanese IPs and content creators, extending their reach to a global audience through metaverse experiences.


“The metaverse has the potential of redefining how humans socialize and connect,” said XRSPACE Founder Peter Chou. “XRSPACE aims to bring people together through the metaverse that will empower people’s everyday tasks in work, play, social, and religion practice with more immersive and interactive experience. Metaverse is not only an extension of reality, but a powerful tool for real-time interaction and connectivity. XRSPACE is excited to partner with Meta, TAICCA, and Beigang Chaotian Temple to realize the Taiwan Cultural Metaverse. We will continue to push the technology on how metaverse experiences can serve cultural stories and initiatives, leading to new opportunities for Taiwan developers and creators on a global scale.”


"Beigang Chaotian Temple has a long history as the most influential Taiwanese religious hub for Matsu in devotion to serving all Her followers," said Beigang Chaotian Temple Chairman, Mr. Yung-Te Tsai. “We are constantly seeking innovative means to extend Matsu’s global influence and to connect with young generations. It is with great excitement that we partner with XRSPACE’s GOXR platform in linking with the global metaverse audience. Through which we are able to enact Matsu’s ritual and services with Her visitors, providing new possibilities for everyone to participate in Taiwan’s cultural events. We shall continue to collaborate with XRSPACE in a series of cultural performances in honor of Matsu’s spirit and teachings.”


"Taiwan has a strong reputation as a global tech hub," said TAICCA CEO Izero Lee. “With TAICCA’s recent efforts bridging cultural content with prototype tech, we are supportive of industry pioneers to venture onto the international stages. The strategic partnership with Meta, we will be bringing the spotlight to Taiwanese tech partners, creating more opportunities of cross-regional collaboration, laying strategic foundations for Taiwan industries, and to establish value chains of future content development.” 


“Taiwan is Meta’s first choice for a Metaverse XR Hub in the Asian regions,” Meta expressed. “We are excited to partner with TAICCA to focus on art and cultural creators, and to support XRSPACE’s development of exquisite Taiwanese local content. Beigang Chaotian Temple is a powerful representation of Taiwan’s religious culture, whose immersive stories can move visitors across the globe. It is with great anticipation to see a highly interactive 'Taiwan Culture Metaverse' realized, through which the world can truly witness Taiwan’s brilliant culture stories and creative energies, made possible by XR technologies.”


“XRSPACE aims to create a unique global metaverse community combining Taiwanese culture content with the vibrant creativity from brands, education, and creators. ” said GOXR General Manager Kurt Liu. “We greatly appreciate Meta and TAICCA for the opportunity to collaborate with Beigang Chaotian Temple, recreating century-old rituals with innovative metaverse elements, delivered to an international audience. This is but the beginning of the Taiwan Cultural Metaverse, as we will continue to enhance art and cultural events with 3D motion and facial expression capturing technologies, pioneering new business models with our ecosystem partners.”


GOXR Announces the “New Taiwan Culture Initiative” 

 Xrspace 首創新台潮宮廟元宇宙  結合北港朝天宮 開啟文化元宇宙新潮流 (1)


Starting Q4 2022, XRSPACE will be launching the “New Taiwan Culture Initiative” on the GOXR platform, empowering new forms of art and culture within the metaverse temple grounds. Starting October 4th, the Day of Matsu’s Ascension, XRSPACE will be inviting all Taiwanese creators to participate in an art contest in appreciation to Matsu’s protection over the followers. In November the initiative also includes the first idol fans meet of Atom Boyz - KK and Xin Kai, attracting young generation users to enter the metaverse. Innovative facial expression and motion capturing technologies will be deployed to provide exciting virtual performance.  The initiative seeks to enable more Taiwanese creators to join the metaverse ecosystem, achieving new artistic heights through the synergies between technology and art forms. 


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