Immerse in The Music Metaverse
PartyOn is a virtual music event platform. Whether it is a sing-along party with friends or virtual concerts with thousands of others, there are alway fun music events to join anytime anywhere. The real-time interactions through your own avatars create a whole new social experience beyond typical video-streaming you see today.
More Fun with Vivid Avatars
Customize your own full-body 3D avatars, and they become alive with facial expressions, gestures, and groovy dance moves. By tracking your body motions, you can perform just like a star in the metaverse.
Immersive and Gorgeous Party Rooms
Sing your heart out from nightclub to outer space. Ignite the party mood in places beyond your imagination.
Available for Cross-platform
Parties can be accessed anytime from VR/AR or mobile devices (both in iOS and Android).
Single-player/Multiplayer Mode
You can practice in the single-player mode until you get ready, or join a party with friends.
Real-time Social Interactions
PartyOn’s immersive audio design gives you a true vibe of a party. Never a dull moment interacting with fun 3D gadgets and emojis makes the party more enjoyable with all the others around the globe.
Smooth and Low-Latency Acoustics
Through PartyOn’s audio system, the latency for singing remotely with friends is below 50/ms.
We created a music metaverse, from virtual karaoke, parties to concerts, for everyone to join.

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