GOXR Privacy Policy

Last updated date: 2023/06/07

GOXR is an application developed by XRSPACE CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “XRSPACE”, “the company” or “we”). XRSPACE values ​​your privacy, and the company also promises to do its utmost reasonable efforts to protect your personal privacy in accordance with the law. This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as “this policy”) will explain how the company will collect, process and use your personal data and related specific purposes when you use the GOXR application. If you want to learn more about the contract between you and XRSPACE in relation to your usage of the GOXR application, please refer to GOXR "Terms of Use".

1. What is personal data?

The so-called personal data refers to information which can be used to identify or reasonably lead to the direct or indirect identification of a living individual and, when combined with any other standalone information or any other information held by us, allows a particular individual to be identified. Personal data includes your name, birthday, location, country/region of residence, photograph, email address, etc.

2. The purpose and type of data collected by the company

(1) When you register a platform account

Each user will register an account before using the XRSPACE service. When you register an account in the company's APP, the company will ask you to provide your email address and ask you to set the account password.

(2) When you create a platform role

After each user registers an account, he will create his own role before entering the virtual platform. The company will collect your photos to create your virtual portrait, or you can use the default portrait to adjust; in addition, the company will collect your account name, nickname, and gender.

(3) When you choose the payment method

Some of the company's services may have payment items. When you choose a payment method, the company will collect corresponding personal data according to the payment method you choose, such as: Apple Pay, Google Pay or Paypal account number; when you request a refund, the company will also collect your account information, order content and order time.

(4) When you log in to the company's virtual platform

To enable you to successfully log in to the virtual platform operated by our company, our company will collect your Wifi network and the PIN code you set on our company's brand device; our company will also collect your relative position, voice, facial expression, gestures and other information to let your avatars act and talk on the platform in real time. In relation to your log in status on the company’s virtual platform, the company will also collect information relating to your log in time, offline time and your utilization of the company’s virtual platform.

(5) When designing your space on the company’s virtual platform

You can design your own space on the company’s virtual platform, including but not limited to creating your own private exhibition space, arranging objects or other decorations in the space, or playing video and audio clips on the screen in your space. The same can be done for public exhibition spaces. The company will collect your design history and design results. Design results, depending on your designs, may include biological characteristics and voice recordings of yourself or a third party. If you choose to design a non-private exhibition space, other users shall also be able to view your designs.

(6) When you interact with other users on our company's virtual platform

You can interact with other users on the company's virtual platform, organize or participate in events held by other users, the company will collect your friends list, interactions with other users and event participation history. You can also blacklist other users to block blacklisted users from interacting with you. If you participate in an event organized by the company or other users on the virtual platform, the company or the user may record and store video recordings of the event or broadcast it to a third party for viewing in a live broadcast. Therefore, your avatar(s) (and those of others) may be stored in video recordings or live broadcasts. You can also broadcast your image or voice on the virtual platform by turning on your computer or mobile device’s camera. In such event, the company will collect your biological characteristics and voice.

(7) When you take a screenshot or live broadcast on our virtual platform

You can take a screenshot of the world on the virtual platform or record and store video recordings of your activities on the virtual platform or broadcast it to a third person for viewing in a live broadcast. When you take a screenshot, video recording or live broadcast, the virtual portraits and actions of you or others may be retained in the screenshot, video recordings or live broadcast. If you choose to disclose the recorded images or videos on the virtual platform, the virtual portraits and actions of you or others may be retained by other users.

(8) When you use the company's built-in browser

When you use the company's built-in browser, the browser will record your cookies, browsing history and other usage information, and you can delete the aforementioned usage information in the browser.

(9) When you watch the audiovisual media on the virtual platform

The company will collect your location and age to ensure that you meet the age rating and intellectual property rights policy of viewing the audio-visual media.

(10) When you make a customer service request or report to the company

When you think you have questions, system errors or mistreatment during the use of the company’s services, you can submit a customer service request or report to the company, and the company will collect your account number and email address (if registered with the company) Different) and your needs / organization content, for example, when you make a return request, the company will collect your name, contact information and address to arrange the return. Therefore, your needs / reports may include your personal data and the personal data of others. Please pay attention to avoid submitting unnecessary personal data to our company.

(11) When you link the registered platform account to a third-party service account

You can link the registered platform account to other third-party service accounts (such as Facebook or Google), and our company may obtain your personal data from third parties within the scope of your consent.

(12) When the company pushes advertisements to you

The company will place a virtual advertising board on the virtual platform and collect statistical data such as the number of views; in addition, the company may also send advertisements to your e-mail address, if you do not want related advertising messages, you can cancel the subscription advertisement. The company may also collect information about your country of residence to show advertisements for events held in your country, when appropriate.

(13) When the company updates the program

The company will release program updates from time to time to ensure the safety and fluency of your products. The company will periodically obtain device information from your device to confirm whether your device needs to be updated.

(14) When you manage to register an account on the platform on the device

The company allows multiple accounts to exist on a device, and the master account user has the right to manage the platform registration accounts that exist on the device, including viewing the usage records of other platform registration accounts or removing other platform registration accounts.

(15) Use of TrueDepth API

Our GOXR application (iOS) uses the TrueDepth API provided by Apple Inc. to keep track of your facial expressions while some specific features are executed. The tracked data is collected and displayed in conjunction with the facial expression animation registered on your created avatar. The data collected by the TrueDepth API is never stored on your device and is not shared with third parties.

3. The period during which the company uses personal data

Personal data collected by our company will be saved to your registered platform account and your personal data shall be deleted or destroyed in a safe manner upon the suspension or cancellation of your account. The aforementioned retention period shall not apply under the following circumstances:

(1) When it is within the period required to achieve the aforementioned purpose and develop relevant business; or

(2) The law provides for a longer retention period; or

(3) When the government or the judiciary refers to materials according to law or when it is within the period required for the establishment, exercise or defence of civil, criminal or administrative claims and lawsuits.

4. The period during which the company uses personal data

Your personal data will be collected and processed mainly in the territory of Taiwan, and if necessary will be used in the location of the outsourced agency entrusted to handle the affairs of the company, or used in the location of the party which acquires the company’s GOXR application (in such an event, personal data may be deemed relevant assets related to the GOXR application and be transferred accordingly. Within the scope of a specific purpose, our company will use written, electronic files, electromagnetic records, newsletters, telephones, faxes, electronic or manual search and other legal automated or non-automated methods for processing, utilization and international transmission.

5. Who uses personal data

We keep your personal data strictly confidential and will only provide it to the recipients below. We will only share your information with third-party controllers outside of our company with your consent and you have the right to choose not to share your information with us.

We may share your personal data with the following recipients:

(1) Other users of the company’s virtual platform will see your virtual portrait during the usage of the virtual platform or, prior to your consent, hear your voice. If you choose to add other users to your friend list, you can choose whether your friends will have access to your personal data (e.g.: login status, birthday, etc.), or set parameters to control your friends' access to your personal data.

(2) Our group companies, affiliates and branches located around the world which will need access to the personal data to provide you with our services; or for internal management purposes; or for the detection and management of personal data breach, illegal activities or fraud and maintenance to ensure the integrity of our information technology system.

(3) Third-party service providers which represent us or will process personal data on our behalf or for us, under the obligations of this notification and general personal data notifications, for the sole purpose of performing relevant tasks on our behalf. Outsourced third-party service providers include customer service centers, freight forwarders, cloud service providers, voice transmission service providers, automatic program update service providers, payment providers, banks, third-party account service providers, real-time data cascading service providers and other vendors.

(4) A party which merges with or acquires all or part of the company’s business assets. In such an event, personal data may be deemed relevant business assets and be transferred accordingly.

(5) Governments and/or government-related agencies, courts or law enforcement agencies in order to comply with our obligations under relevant laws and regulations, to implement or perform our policies or contracts with you, to respond to letters or requests from government entities or criminal units in relation to investigations or litigation procedures or in response to suspected fraud or illegal activity which may expose you, us, or any of our other customers to legal liability.

(6) A third party involved in legal procedures (if the third party provides us with a court order or has similar legal procedures which requires us to provide personal data).

(7) Others who you agree to share personal data with.

We may provide you with the opportunity to connect to third-party applications or services through our application. We may, upon your consent, provide your personal data if you choose to use any such third-party application or service. However, we do not control these third-party applications or services or how your data may be used and your use of such application or service is not subject to this Policy or general personal information notice. Before using third-party applications or services, please check the terms of use and privacy policies of those third parties.

6. Cross border transfer

We are a global company comprised of multiple offices and affiliated entities in numerous jurisdictions. By using the company’s products and services and providing your personal data to us, you acknowledge and agree that we can transfer your personal data to the abovementioned recipients. These recipients may be located in countries outside your country of residence. Although personal data protection laws of these countries/regions may differ from the laws of your country/region, we will ensure that appropriate protective measures are taken to ensure that your personal data will continue to be protected in accordance with this Policy.

7. Children’s personal data

The company's products and services are not designed or intended for use by children under 16 years of age. If a person under the minimum age specified by personal data protection laws and regulations of his/her geographic jurisdiction is required to use the company's products and services, the explicit consent of their parents must also be provided and verified. If the company is notified or finds that the information collected comes from a person under the minimum age, the company will take steps to delete their personal data as soon as possible.

8. Your rights

In accordance with the provisions of applicable personal data protection laws in your respective geographic jurisdiction, you can exercise the following rights in accordance with law regarding your personal data collected by our company:

(1) Inquire or request reading;

(2) Request to make a copy;

(3) Request for addition or correction;

(4) Request to stop collecting, processing or using;

(5) Request to delete; and

(6) When feasible, request for the company to transfer the data directly to a third party designated by you.

You can view or revise data or terminate your account at any given time by logging into or updating your account. You may also contact us (see "Contact Information" section below) to view or revise data or to terminate your account.

If you no longer wish to receive letters, emails or other information from us, you can opt-out using the following methods:

(1) Choose your preference during account registration.

(2) Log in to your account settings and update your preferences.

(3) Contact us using the contact information provided below (see "Contact Information" section below).

If you no longer wish to receive letters, emails or other information from a third party, please contact such third party directly.

After you request to terminate your account, we will disable or delete your account and information from our activity database. However, we may retain certain information to prevent fraud, for troubleshoot purposes, to assist in any investigations, to enforce our service agreement with you and/or to comply with legal requirements.

9. If you are unwilling to provide personal information, the impact on you

If you do not provide the personal information necessary to register a platform account and create a platform role, you will not be able to use all services of the company's virtual platform; if you do not want to provide other personal information, you may not be able to use certain services on the company's virtual platform or Affecting your experience, please refer to the second paragraph of this policy "the purpose and type of data collection by the company" for the detailed description.

10. Data security

We have implemented technical and organizational security measures in an effort to protect and store your personal data. Such measures include, for example, limiting access to personal data only to staff and authorized service providers on a need-to-know basis for the purposes described in this policy, as well as other administrative, technical, and physical safeguards.

Since the internet is a public, global communication system which poses inherent risks, we will try our best to protect our system, website, various operations and information from unauthorized access, usage, modification and disclosure, However, we cannot guarantee that any data transmitted or stored on our system will never be breached (e.g. attacked by hackers) during this period.

11. Update of this policy

The company will update this policy from time to time according to the actual situation. The company encourages you to periodically review this policy to ensure that you are aware of the content of this policy update. If necessary, the company will also notify you of amendments made to this policy via our application, our website or email.

12. contact information

If you have any questions about this policy or wish to exercise any of the abovementioned rights, please contact [goxr.support@xrspace.io].